Netflix’s Horror Movie’s ‘Archive 81’ Meets ‘Black Mirror’ Via Deadly 80s Video Game

Netflix has a new horror movie called choose or die, and it will make you look at old 8-bit computer games in a whole new light. Director Toby Meakins’ film revolves around a young woman named Kayla (Iola Evans) who starts playing an old ’80s video game in hopes of winning an unclaimed $125,000 cash prize. The game, however, is more terrifying than it looks – it’s capable of altering reality, and it does it in pretty horrific ways.

Does this premise pique your interest? Check out the trailer below to find out what the game has in store for poor Kayla and her friend Isaac (Sex educationis Asa Butterfield).

You may also have heard a familiar voice in the trailer describing the film’s antagonist – the evil video game called CURS>R. That voice is none other than Freddy Kreuger himself, Robert Englund.

“There was a lot of debate about whether we should have used the voice of Robert Englund there,” Meakins said in a recent interview with Gamespot. “And it was so cool that we couldn’t not use it for that.”

Making a realistic 8-bit game that could kill was also something Meakins and the rest of the team worked hard to create on set. “You need the actors to play something,” Meakins said. “We had a technician, a cool kid named Ted, who was basically playing the game. So when he typed something [it would appear on screen] in the game… Ted had his own kind of pinhole spy camera on the actor to see what they were doing. If we pulled in an opposite direction or something, so he could do [CURS>R] cue with the actor. It’s become this incredibly complicated process.”

The premise of a homicidal video game is still pretty much present, no matter how realistic the movie is. Evans addressed this for herself and her character, Kayla, early on. “When I first read it, I was like, ‘What is this? How does this all work?’” she said in an interview with Digital Spy. “I imagined, ‘If this was me, and if this was real, how could I begin to make sense of what was happening to me?'”

Evans squared it in his mind by looking at it from a more realistic perspective rather than something supernatural, approaching it as something like an incredibly modern algorithm that seemed to augment his character’s reality.

“Everything has been explained by technology one way or another – almost a little black mirror-y, like just half a step forward from where we are now,” she explained.

Supernatural or not, the film feels like one that takes ’80s nostalgia in terrifying directions, similar to what we’ve seen in Archives 81where decades-old media reveals something sinister. choose or die is now streaming on Netflix. And if you’re also looking for other horrifying things to watch, check out all the great gory horror deals at Peacock.