New York woman discovers secret apartment behind bathroom mirror | new York

After Samantha Hartsoe stumbled upon an entire three-bedroom apartment hidden behind the bathroom mirror in her own New York home, she chose to ignore the lessons of any good horror movie — and explore further.

“Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity will kill me,” the Roosevelt Island resident told NBC New York. “I can’t not know what’s on the other side of my bathroom.”

Hartsoe’s adventure, which unfolded earlier this month, was bizarre even in the notorious New York housing market, where real estate horror stories are almost a badge of honor. The 26-year-old documented the ordeal online and millions tuned in, offering comparisons to movies such as Parasite and Candyman.

In a series of now-viral TikTok videos, Hartsoe notices a cold draft in his bathroom for the first time, strong enough to blow away strands of hair. Then she looks behind her mirror, revealing the hidden apartment.

Shocked, she nevertheless straps on a headlamp and a makeshift mask, arms herself with a hammer – “It’s serious when you swing it”, says her roommate – and climbs through the hole in the wall of her bathroom. .

A warning on the video warns that such actions “could result in serious injury” – but Hartsoe reaches the ground unscathed.

“You are on the other side of the dimension!” her roommate told her. “Go forward.”

Samantha Hartsoe posts a series of TikTok videos.

Inside the mind-blowing secret space, Hartsoe finds open windows and a pile of trash bags. She also discovers an empty water bottle, which she calls a “sign of life”.

Prowling the dark rooms, she whispers, “What’s wrong with me?

“I expected someone to be there, especially with the water bottle that’s there,” she told New York magazine. “And that definitely got on my nerves.”

But after a thorough investigation, she decided the torn floors, exposed piping and lack of a toilet or bath made the space uninhabitable.

The presence of the apartment remains shrouded in mystery. Hartsoe says even his building managers don’t quite understand.

For now, she’s avoiding her bathroom as much as possible, while crediting at least some of her video’s massive appeal to the attentions of New Yorkers who can only dream of finding more square footage behind the walls. of their bathroom.

“I think everyone in New York has such small apartments, you don’t know what you’re going to find,” she said. “And everyone is hoping for more space.”