OAN Correspondents Organization Provided Volunteers for Arizona ‘Audit’

A 501(c)4 organization run by two One America News Network correspondents, one of whom worked with President Donald Trump’s legal teamprovided volunteers for the Arizona Senate “audit” of the 2020 presidential election.

Voices and Votes donated $605,000 to the ‘audit’ effort and was the first organization to begin fundraising for the Florida-based company that would eventually count 2.1 million ballots at the Arizona Senate request.

The CEO and President of the organization is OAN Correspondent and Personality Christina Bobb, and the COO is OAN Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion. Both Rion and Bobb have spreading baseless lies about the election, alleging widespread electoral fraud, leading to several lawsuits for defamation and slander.

“Here is the signed letter from Voices and Votes showing that we are providing volunteers,” reads an email from Bobb released as part of an ongoing lawsuit between Cyber ​​Ninjas, the company that conducted the count, and the US watchdog group. Surveillance.

The email was between Bobb and Cyber ​​Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and included a letter of clarification stating that the volunteers worked for Bobb’s organization but would be background checked by Cyber ​​Ninjas.

“Please note that these volunteers will work solely for Voices and Votes, Inc. and any coordination will not establish any employment or other relationship with Cyber ​​Ninjas. Additionally, per the agreement with the Arizona State Senate, Cyber ​​Ninjas will perform background checks on all involved parties, including our volunteers. Again, this does not establish any formal relationship between our volunteers and your company,” the agreement reads.

Bobb also reported on the “audit” for OAN while in Arizona, often repeatedly mentioning Voices and Votes to viewers, but not mentioning that the organization provided volunteers for the effort. Bobb also said the organization was also used to help give lawmakers in other states audit rounds.

It also appears that Bobb was instrumental in helping Logan in an effort to reduce media coverage of the “audit”.

Previous public records revealed that Logan dreamed up an idea that would have required reporters to agree to work 30 hours as volunteer observers in order to cover ‘the audit’, but Bobb had another plan in place that she had. emailed Logan a few days ago. .

“I’ve attached an NDA draft that you’ll need to get the media to sign off on,” Bob said in an April 20 email, three days before a heated press conference that remains the only press conference that Logan ever had.

“I have also attached the NDA which I signed and used as a model when I visited a government facility. The government NDA is much more complex, but I don’t think all of those terms are necessary,” said Bobb, including a non-disclosure agreement from Customs and Border Protection.

The Arizona Mirror contacted Voices and Votes about its involvement in the “audit” effort and Bobb’s coverage, but did not get a response.

Bobb was involved in influencing and providing information to members of the Arizona Senate long before the “audit” began. In December 2020, Bobb sent emails on behalf of Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, which included witness statements, statements and expert testimony.

Bobb was also part of the legal team directly involved in efforts to overturn election results and did baseless claims on air during the “verification” effort not only on the election but on the January 6 uprising also.

The OAN also received special access to the audit itself and had access to the live streams of the audit.

“Doug, if you could add your provider to this channel, I’ll coordinate a time for another follow-up call,” Bobb says in an email channel about setting up live stream cameras, which OAN streamed directly on their website.

The Voices and Votes website for “Arizona Information” still says people should “demand a full forensic audit.” Maricopa County had already verified his election before the “verification”.