OOH birthday ads for injured concert dancer Mo Lee raise eyebrows

Severely injured concert dancer Mo Lee Kai Yin has made headlines again after his relatives put up notice boards outside for his 28th birthday.e anniversary, with some netizens wondering if it was the right decision.

According to a story on Molalafansclub, Mo’s official fan Instagram account, he said the birthday billboards were prepared by Mo’s girlfriend SoChing and some close friends of Mo. that Mo has undergone many intensive treatments and treatments over the past few weeks. So they want to encourage him by giving him surprises.

Located at a bus station on Nathan Road in Mong Kok, one of the outdoor advertisements features Mo in three different dance styles, with some encouraging words such as “Faith, Love, Hope”, “We are with you”, as well as many photos of Mo and his beloved family and friends.

However, the move drew mixed reactions as some netizens said it was not a proper birthday party for an injured person still hospitalized, a check by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING seen on the local LIHKG forum.

Additionally, a group of dancers also hosted a birthday party for Mo, which will kick off October 11-19 at Haven Street in Causeway Bay. The event organizer said each guest who arrives will receive a feather sticker, representing a blessing and power of recovery and love for Mo.

On the other hand, Concert organizers Mirror Music Nation and MakerVille have again apologized to supporters for the tragic incident in late July and promised to release more details after government investigations are completed.

In a joint statement released last Friday, organizers said they had opted for silence for the past two months as the results of official government investigations were pending and they wanted to take good care of the injured dancers.

“Immediately after the accident, the company engaged independent third-party experts to assist us with the investigation and to understand the ins and outs of the incident. We also gathered information from various details internally, including the preparation process and the organization of the concert, the documents submitted to the relevant agencies and the on-site inspection report, as well as a series of additional security measures that we have suggested,” the statement read.

“However, since the details may involve survey content, please understand that the company has not been able to explain them one by one at this stage. The company understands that the public is interested in learning more about the aforementioned details, so after the results of the investigation are announced, we will provide further details to the public without prejudice to any legal proceedings,” he added.

The statement further explained that qualifications and experience are the primary considerations when it comes to appointing the production team, including the general contractor and producer who hold key positions in the concert. “The general contractor of this concert has more than 30 years of experience in the concert industry in China and has given more than 600 concerts. In recent years, he has also organized nearly half of the concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum The concert producer also has a wealth of experience, and has designed and engineered concerts for many frontline singers and bands over the years.We understand that audiences have high expectations for MIRROR concerts, so we chose to hire a team that is considered the best in the industry, rather than choosing a cheaper non-frontline team, and cost is not our primary consideration,” it read.

“During these two months, the physical and mental health of MIRROR members is one of our most important tasks and responsibilities. MIRROR made its debut through the creation of national stars, starting from scratch with us, growing together and relating to each other as they care about pursuing their dreams, and we do our best to give them the most space, the strongest support and the most resources.” says the press release.

“This incident has been a huge blow to the entire team of the company and MIRROR, especially considering the trouble caused by the incident to MIRROR fans and the general public, our apologies and sadness are beyond words. Going forward, we will continue to protect MIRROR and all they stand for, bring more hope and energy to the public, and meet public expectations with practical actions,” he added.

(Courtesy of FatAngelo.666’s Instagram)

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