In The power of glamor, Author Virginia Postrel writes, “Glamor is not something you own, but something you perceive.” It’s a magic trick, casting a rose-tinted veil over the viewer’s eyes. However, while glamor itself may be a fantasy, its effects are very real; it intensifies desire and fuels ambition.Read More →

It’s probably fair to say that horror movies depend more on cliches than any other genre, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Even so, there are certainly some types of scenes that audiences are sick of seeing – for example, the hilariously lazy and wildly overused mirrorRead More →

Folklore and fairy tales have served as narrative material for centuries, if not eons. Universally understood and timeless, countless iterations of archetypal and paradigmatic stories perpetually migrate across time, territories and mediums. Esteemed Latvian director Laila Pakalniņa freely adapts and reimagines the story of Snow White in her latest project,Read More →

Mirrors are arguably an essential home decor piece worthy of an investment, especially when it comes to a statement mirror with a chic, edgy appeal that allows them to double as accent decor. . Obviously, mirrors are a must if you really want to see what you look like afterRead More →

Designed by Heidi Caillier There’s a lot to love about bathroom mirrors: unlike people, they always let you know if there’s something green stuck in your teeth, they never judge you for looking, and they provide the ability to infinite style. For all intents and purposes, let’s focus on theRead More →

Mirror Rise Harry Potter Harry Potter From an invisibility cloak to the resurrection stone, the magical world of Harry Potter is filled with enchanted items Muggles can only dream of getting their hands on. But now Harry Potter fans can see their heart’s desires with this super-affordable replica ofRead More →

film criticism“Longshot” To classify125 minutesRelease May 3 “Long Shot” is a romantic comedy classic. It’s a refreshing detour to watch films from the era of mind-blowing comic book adventures and otherworldly epics. The film is also a great commentary on the tendency to lose your moral compass to the artRead More →

Netflix is ​​being sued by the publisher of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book franchise, which claims the streaming service violated its trademark by asking viewers to choose the main character’s actions in ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’. Chooseco has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Vermont, claiming that Netflix unlawfullyRead More →

In early 2017, Netflix approached “Black Mirror” creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones with an unusual idea. The streaming service had been experimenting with interactive kids’ content, giving young viewers the chance to choose their own path through a story with a series of multiple-choice questions that were easily answeredRead More →

Black Mirror’s first standalone movie, Bandersnatch, is now streaming on Netflix! Consider your Friday night plans made! Netflix released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch just a day after the trailer premiered. Are you going to watch the movie this weekend? Must love Netflix! They like to keep subscribers on their toes byRead More →

In early 2017, Netflix approached “Black Mirror” creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones with an unusual idea. The streaming service had experimented with interactive children’s content, giving young viewers the ability to choose their own path through a story with a series of multiple-choice questions that could be easily answeredRead More →

On December 28, the very first black mirror the film will premiere on Netflix. Although the show previously dropped the special white christmas between its second and third seasons, a movie is something new. Called Bandersnatch, it travels down memory lane while continuing to grapple with the technological anxieties theRead More →

The trailer for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch finally puts an end to the whirlwind of theories surrounding this black mirror mystery project – except for the question of whether this movie will actually be a choose-your-own adventure story, as previously reported. Yesterday reports emerged that approximately 312 minutes, or five hours,Read More →

A beautiful supercut from The Auteur Journal brings together some of cinema’s most impressive thought-provoking shots. What do “The Aviator”, “Inglourious Basterds” and “The Matrix” have in common? Breathtaking reflection shots. READ MORE: The brilliance of 16mm film is hailed in an entertaining new video essay – Watch L’Auteur JournalRead More →

The many meanings of seeing each other. By H. Perry Horton Published June 13, 2017 The many meanings of seeing each other. We don’t often use that particular word to describe them, but mirrors are intimate. On the contrary, the experience of looking in a mirror is intimate. We areRead More →

Credit: “Mirror Mirror” is the first of two reimaginings of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” we’re getting this year (the other being the upcoming “Snow White and the Huntsman”), as clearly the most complaint film current-viewers have, “There just aren’t enough Snow White movies!” We start on aRead More →

Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer & Nathan Lane Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror Nathan Lane in Mirror Mirror Julia Roberts & Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror A recurring theme in 21st century cinema is that of remaking classic stories, or in the case of film, MirrorRead More →