Air Force One on the ground at Nantucket Memorial Airport Tuesday evening. Photo by Tracy Halik The island is preparing for the arrival of the president (November 23, 2021) President Joe Biden and his family landed in Nantucket on Air Force One just after 7 p.m. Tuesday evening. They quicklyRead More →

Neha Saini Grandstand information service Amritsar, November 20 Every artist has a background and if the artist is one of the most important and successful filmmakers in the country, it makes for an interesting and engaging discussion. Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, the man behind some of the most critically acclaimedRead More →

welcome to Mirrora monthly movie column in which I rewatch and then rewatch a movie I’ve already seen under the new (and improved?) review lens of 2021. I’m so glad you’re here. It’s been a decade and a half since Daniel Craig first appeared on screen as James Bond, theRead More →

Antiques Roadshow fans were stunned when Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds made an appearance on the American version of the show for a promo Video loading Video unavailable The video will start automatically soon8to cancel play now Antiques Roadshow US: Ryan Reynolds makes an appearance Antiques Roadshow viewers were surprised whenRead More →

OSAKA, Japan — For many people, looking in the mirror may not seem very rewarding, especially those who are more critical of their appearance. However, according to a recent study, looking in the mirror can actually be mentally rewarding. Researchers in Japan claim that the human brain can naturally, andRead More →

welcome to Mirrora monthly movie column in which I rewatch and then rewatch a movie I’ve already seen under the new (and improved?) review lens of 2021. I’m so glad you’re here. I remember very well when Marie Antoinette released in theaters 15 years ago. As a young teenager stillRead More →

Sand set in the not-so-distant future, this frayed assemblage of loosely interconnected sketches plays like ideas Charlie Brooker had while he was tipsy for episodes of Black Mirror, then crumpled up and tossed in his wastebasket. But those ideas were scavenged, scripted, and shot by student filmmakers whose underpaid tutorsRead More →

A boring, frameless, builder-grade bathroom mirror comes standard in almost every apartment and home. Your choices are live with it, or remove it from the wall and replace it with a decorative hanging mirror. To be fair, those unattractive sheets of mirrored glass get the job done. They help youRead More →

Directed by Vivian Radhakrishnan, the series has behind-the-scenes moments from ‘Jallikattu’, India’s official entry for the 2021 Oscars Directed by Vivian Radhakrishnan, the series has behind-the-scenes moments from ‘Jallikattu’, India’s official entry for the 2021 Oscars It’s been three years since Lijo Jose Pellissery dreamed up an exhilarating cinematic experienceRead More →

Universal images Fight misinformation. Get a daily recap of important facts. Register for free Mother Jones newsletter. In Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden”, the precursor to Nia DaCosta’s precursor directed by Jordan Peele candy manan academic named Helen becomes obsessed with capturing the grim conditions of the Spector StreetRead More →

Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, “Aquaman”) is a rising painter. He and his conservative girlfriend, Brianna (Teyonah Parris, “WandaVision,” “If Beale Street Could Talk”) live in a fabulous apartment in a gentrified neighborhood of Chicago. The area once included the towers of the Cabrini-Green social housing project. An urban legendRead More →

A lot of people couldn’t help loving black mirror when it premiered on Netflix in 2011. It was so unique and different from other TV shows of that period that fans constantly wanted more. And Netflix had no problem granting all our wishes and renewed the Netflix original series forRead More →

One of toxic whiteness’ greatest successes is convincing white people that any discussion of racism is taboo and, ironically, racist. You’ve heard President Obama call him racist because during his tenure he talked about race. So white people like me don’t talk about race or racism. We don’t develop skillsRead More →

In The power of glamor, Author Virginia Postrel writes, “Glamor is not something you own, but something you perceive.” It’s a magic trick, casting a rose-tinted veil over the viewer’s eyes. However, while glamor itself may be a fantasy, its effects are very real; it intensifies desire and fuels ambition.Read More →

It’s probably fair to say that horror movies depend more on cliches than any other genre, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Even so, there are certainly some types of scenes that audiences are sick of seeing – for example, the hilariously lazy and wildly overused mirrorRead More →

Folklore and fairy tales have served as narrative material for centuries, if not eons. Universally understood and timeless, countless iterations of archetypal and paradigmatic stories perpetually migrate across time, territories and mediums. Esteemed Latvian director Laila Pakalniņa freely adapts and reimagines the story of Snow White in her latest project,Read More →

Mirrors are arguably an essential home decor piece worthy of an investment, especially when it comes to a statement mirror with a chic, edgy appeal that allows them to double as accent decor. . Obviously, mirrors are a must if you really want to see what you look like afterRead More →

Designed by Heidi Caillier There’s a lot to love about bathroom mirrors: unlike people, they always let you know if there’s something green stuck in your teeth, they never judge you for looking, and they provide the ability to infinite style. For all intents and purposes, let’s focus on theRead More →

Mirror Rise Harry Potter Harry Potter From an invisibility cloak to the resurrection stone, the magical world of Harry Potter is filled with enchanted items Muggles can only dream of getting their hands on. But now Harry Potter fans can see their heart’s desires with this super-affordable replica ofRead More →

film criticism“Longshot” To classify125 minutesRelease May 3 “Long Shot” is a romantic comedy classic. It’s a refreshing detour to watch films from the era of mind-blowing comic book adventures and otherworldly epics. The film is also a great commentary on the tendency to lose your moral compass to the artRead More →

Netflix is ​​being sued by the publisher of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book franchise, which claims the streaming service violated its trademark by asking viewers to choose the main character’s actions in ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’. Chooseco has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Vermont, claiming that Netflix unlawfullyRead More →

Black Mirror’s first standalone movie, Bandersnatch, is now streaming on Netflix! Consider your Friday night plans made! Netflix released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch just a day after the trailer premiered. Are you going to watch the movie this weekend? Must love Netflix! They like to keep subscribers on their toes byRead More →

In early 2017, Netflix approached “Black Mirror” creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones with an unusual idea. The streaming service had experimented with interactive children’s content, giving young viewers the ability to choose their own path through a story with a series of multiple-choice questions that could be easily answeredRead More →