Plot Details and Cast of ‘Black Mirror’ Film Leaked Ahead of Release

The latest details on the rumor black mirror The film has apparently been leaked online, after it was discovered last week.

The film, tentatively titled Bandersnatch, was unearthed after an eagle-eyed fan noticed a since-deleted listing on Netflix. According to reports, it will follow the rumored must-follow adventure formula, allowing viewers to control events via the power of their remote.

However, we have now received our biggest slice of information about the project via a list from the Korean Media Rating Board. It apparently reveals that Dunkirk star Fionn Whitehead will play the lead role, while David Slade will helm the project.

Whitehead’s involvement comes after a fan discovered the below screenshot of the supposed project, which featured the actor.

Slade’s involvement would also make sense, as he previously directed “Metalhead,” the sinister fifth episode of the show’s fourth series, starring Maxine Peake.

He also has accomplished television experience on his side, having already directed episodes of breaking Bad and Neil Gaiman american gods.

The synopsis, which was translated from Korean, also gives an idea of ​​what to expect. He says: “A young programmer turns a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and the virtual world mix and start to sow confusion.”

It comes after Charlie Brooker told NME that a Black Mirror movie was “unlikely”.

It would take a really good idea to make a movie…because they feel like little movies anyway. So unless we have an idea that requires $300 million, I think we’re incredibly lucky to do what we’re doing,” Brooker told NME.

Bandersnatch is set to arrive on December 28.