PLT’s Mirror Ball promises an adult prom night

PORTSMOUTH – The Portsmouth Little Theater promises to provide a positive ball night experience for adults across the community with its upcoming Mirror Ball fundraiser.

Joseph Pratt, chairman of the Portsmouth Little Theatre, wants the community to get their formal wear and hairspray ready for PLT’s upcoming adult ball. He adds that Mirror Ball is just one of the many ways PLT engages with the wider community these days.

“[PLT] has improved a lot this season. It functions much like a community lounge. Besides performance, we’re trying to do different things for the community, in different ways than we’re used to,” Pratt said. “We have seen a wedding this season, a funeral and wake, scholarships for students whose parents have been through drug treatment centers and funds raised for the domestic violence shelter. We really stand out. »

The idea for the Mirror Ball first took shape, Pratt says, when a friend of PLT lamented her own negative experience at the ball.

“A friend of the theatre, Elizabeth Elrod, posted on Facebook that she never got to experience prom the way she really wanted to, and that prom was a sensitive subject for her because she never could do it. So we started thinking, ‘why can’t she have a prom now, as an adult?’

Now Elrod will have his chance. Not only that, but she’ll be hosting the Mirror Ball this time around.

Local radio personality Holly Gail will DJ the event, and Pratt promises the perfect playlist for anyone looking to get their dancing shoes on.

PLT has partnered with Vanity Hair Company and Coffee @ the Lofts to host the event, and is grateful for the community support Mirror Ball has received.

Pratt knows many will be eager for the chance to prom as an adult.

“When you are younger, you have sports teams and clubs,” he explains. “And when you get older, you don’t really have the same level of extracurricular events, prom included. So we thought it would be a fun way to get people out and excited and spend an evening they will never forget.

PLT’s newly renovated lobby will be decked out for the evening, and Pratt says the auditorium’s new lighting system will be used to create the perfect mood lighting, reflecting off countless mirrors and, Pratt hopes, on numerous sequin-clad ballistae.

“They’ll want to start getting their formal wear, outfits, and jewelry right away,” Pratt says. The Mirror Ball is scheduled for June 25, so customers should plan accordingly.

Although Pratt hopes the Mirror Ball will soon become an annual fixture for adults in the community, he and PLT prioritize accessibility over high ticket prices.

Tickets are $30 per person and $50 per couple. Prom King and Queen will be crowned and a drag show featuring regional performers will also be held. The event is open to people aged 18 and over. Pratt urges attendees to remember their IDs, as a bottle of pink champagne is free for prom-goers aged 21 or older.

“We will also have additional drinks for people to buy and soft drinks for 18-20 year olds. We will tag everyone to find out exactly how they will participate in the fun,” he says.

Pratt and PLT want Mirror Ball attendees to know that above all else, they are encouraged to be their most authentic selves for this special ball night.

“[PLT] has a history of being very inclusive for everyone. As The Mirror Ball takes place on the last Saturday of Pride Month, we encourage everyone in the LGBTQ+ community to get out there and have the ball the way they want now that they’re adults. But it’s not just for one person or a group of people: it’s for community members, allies — anyone and absolutely everyone,” Pratt says. Tickets for PLT’s Mirror Ball are available for purchase at The Portsmouth Little Theater is located at 1117 Lawson Street, Portsmouth.

The Portsmouth Little Theater will host a Mirror Ball on Saturday June 25 at its location at 1117 Lawson Street, Portsmouth.

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