Probably more to come, a personal story, lessons from Twitter. – JOSH BERSIN

Josh Bersin

Layoffs: probably more to come, a personal story, lessons from Twitter.


Layoffs are just part of doing business. Over the years there were millions of workers letting go and it is always a difficult and painful process. In this podcast, I give you my perspective on the process, the role leadership should play, and how to deal with it if you are the one losing your job. I’m also giving you my perspective on hiring, which is the mirror image of layoffs, and what I think is happening on Twitter. Finally, I took a few minutes to share my personal experience with layoffs at IBM, Sybase, DigitalThink (which happened to me) and my own company.

I hope this podcast gives you some perspective as a leader, HR manager, or someone dealing with this issue. And let me remind you that the Irresistible companies handle this in a very unique way. (They hire slowly and have a very deliberate process to make sure all new hires “increase productivity” and don’t “slow down business”.)

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