Queues at Dublin Airport: Flying from 8am? Many vacationers make a huge mistake

Dublin Airport has advised holidaymakers to avoid mistakes that could lead to further delays for them and their fellow travelers ahead of the Easter weekend.

It comes as long delays and queues have caused disruption at the airport in recent weeks, with more than 500,000 people expected to enter and exit Dublin Airport over the next few days.

DAA, the company that owns and operates Dublin and Cork Airport, has issued advice to passengers ahead of the Easter weekend on how to help things run more smoothly.

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Before arriving at the airport, the DAA recommends that passengers check with their airline when check-in and baggage drop-off are open. It is advisable to plan your trip to the airport around this information.

A spokesperson said: “Passengers are also encouraged, where possible, to check in for their flight online.”

DAA is also “urging” morning passengers who are due to fly from 8:30 a.m. to avoid getting to the terminals before 5 a.m.

“This will ease the pressure on the security regime and allow passengers traveling during the first busy morning wave (those with flights before 08:30 a.m.) to clear security and reach their gates,” they said.

Passengers do not need to arrive earlier than 3.5 hours before their flight, as the company stated: “Arriving earlier than necessary has been found to increase pressure at peak times in recent days and weeks.”

It should be noted what time each terminal opens. A daa spokesperson said: ‘To help passengers get through security as quickly and efficiently as possible, Dublin Airport Terminal 1 security remains open 24/7, while security terminal 2 is open from 04:00 each day.

Bookings for Dublin Airport car parks are also down, with this Saturday being completely full.

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