Rightmove house hunters spot ‘sex mirror’ on ceiling of ‘American Psycho’ property

Eagle-eyed house hunters have been left in shock after claiming to spot a sex mirror on the ceiling of one of the bedrooms in an £875,000 property.

The three-bed pad currently on sale is billed as a “generous and private home” with a heated pool, “secluded gardens” and a gated driveway.

But positioning a mirror right above the wood-framed bed has given house hunters some intriguing and repulsive ideas.

Snaps on the Rightmove listing show the mirror that stands above the bed, as well as an oddly positioned TV on the wall next to it.

House hunters were shocked by what they described as a ‘sex mirror’ on the ceiling of a room

Peter Brissenden said: “We’re looking at houses. I came across this.

Don’t you think if you have a gigantic sex mirror above the bed, you’ll take it down before the real estate agent comes to take the pictures?

“I mean the whole setup is really beyond belief. There’s also a TV set up in a weird place.”

Another said: “It would depend on what you show on TV. And it matches that mirror. Thrill.”

Brissenden jokingly compared the location and room of the mirror to that of Patrick Bateman, the main character in the book and movie American Psycho.

The charming property has three bedrooms and a swimming pool
The charming property has three bedrooms and a swimming pool

He said, “Maybe it’s to be Patrick Bateman completely. And you can hook up the video camera to it and get two angles at once?”

Bateman, a fictional character in Brett Easton Ellis’ book American Psycho, is a serial killer and sexual deviant.

In the film adaptation, Christian Bale plays the sex-crazed serial killer, and a scene shows Bateman having sex with a woman and a large mirror to the side so he can look at himself.

Ignoring the elephant in the room, Emma Victory joked, “Urgh. Dark and light wood.”

Other viewers were more concerned about whether or not the mirror would fall off at night.

The three-bedroom property reminded some of Patrick Bateman
The three-bedroom property reminded some of Patrick Bateman

A house hunter known only as Christopher said: ‘I would be concerned if it wasn’t properly secured.

The Telfords agreed, saying, “Health and safety has gone crazy.”

Another man added: ‘What kind of skinflint pervert doesn’t go all the way?’