Shows like Black Mirror that are definitely worth watching

Writer Philip K. Dick’s work has been adapted numerous times for the big screen (“Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “Minority Report”) and “Electric Dreams”, a show based solely on his literature. , released in 2017.

Many of Dick’s recurring themes are common in “Black Mirror”, namely politics, paranoia, and the cultural impact of artificial intelligence. However, while the majority of “Black Mirror” episodes take place in our world (or a slightly advanced version of it), Dick prefers either the distant future or the galactic outlook. It’s still essentially a critique of humanity, but mostly in a more vivid (and recognizably sci-fi) setting. It’s also a lot more upbeat than “Black Mirror,” which is somewhat ironic given the pessimistic tone of a lot of Dick’s work.

Quality control varies given the drastically different nature of each of the tales, but the standout episode is “The Commuter” (which feels like it owes “The Twilight Zone” more a favor than it does). ‘to ‘Black Mirror’, given that it is more metaphysical than technology-related). It’s a wonderful, thought-provoking bit of television, complete with a pitch-perfect performance from actor Timothy Spall. The actor plays a dad searching for a town that doesn’t seem to exist on any map, and the resolution is a nice commentary on the potentially transient nature of reality.