Star Trek’s Mirror Universe Explored Further in the Comics

There is so much more to explore in the Mirror Universe.

The Mirror Universe first became popular in Star Trek: The Original Series. Taking the “good guys” essentially and putting them in a position where they’re bad guys was a stroke of genius on the part of Jerome Bixby who wrote the episode “Mirror, Mirror.” Bixby would go on to write additional episodes of the series, including “Day of the Dove”, “Requiem for Methuselah”, and “By Any Other Name”, but none of these established an entirely new universe other than other series have visited.

Although Star Trek: The Next Generation never explored the universe, IDW Publishing introduces these characters and others from various series to the Mirror Universe. Star Trek: The Next Generation—Mirror Broken shows Commander Riker, Commander Data, and Captain Picard in sleeveless, massively muscled shirts while Advisor Troi is in leather. You can see the image here. Needless to say, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty dark comic.

The Mirror Universe is a “rich mine of material to play with”.

In conversation with during a panel interview, Star Trek comics writer Scott Tipton said IDW Publishing isn’t the only one dipping their toes in the water. , as Star Trek: Online and Discovery also visited the universe.

“I think it’s just this rich trove of material to play with these characters. Because there have been Star Trek comics for so many years, finding a new area that hasn’t been explored can be tricky. And that was a huge area that hadn’t been touched on.

Tipton goes on to say that the things they write about in the mirror universe wouldn’t work for the “more idyllic main timeline” of Star Trek. As Gene Roddenberry had certain in-universe restrictions, there were issues that could not be explored on screen. Captains and officers couldn’t afford to be greedy and cruel if another universe hadn’t been created.

“And in the mirror universe, you can. People can be bastards. People can be greedy. People can want things. And get to take the characters that we know so well, but give them this new perspective based on that environment is so much fun, I think, for readers and for us to write.

Star Trek: The Next Generation—Mirror Broken, Through the Mirror, and Terra Incognita are available individually or as a single volume. And IDW is serializing follow-up stories in an eight-issue series, Star Trek: The Mirror War, which arrives April 6.