Stunning New Netflix Drama From Spain

Netflix’s new 9-episode series The girl in the mirror is another Spanish-language prestige drama from the streamer that should appeal to anyone who enjoys a no-frills supernatural puzzler.

Basic Plot: Alma wakes up in a hospital, having lost her memory following a bus accident. She was traveling on the bus with school classmates, all of whom died in the crash.

The girl in the mirror Netflix release date, trailer

Not only does Alma have no memory of crossing the misty countryside. She also forgot her past. “His house is full of memories that are not his own,” the official Netflix synopsis adds.

“And amnesia and trauma cause her to experience night terrors and visions that she cannot clarify. With the help of her relatives and friends, who are unknown to her, she will attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the accident while struggling to regain her life and her identity.

(Left to right) Mireia Oriol as Alma and Alex Villazan as Tom in Episode 01 of Netflix’s ‘The Girl in the Mirror’. Image source: Lander Larranaga/Netflix

Check out the trailer for The girl in the mirror embedded below. The show debuted on Netflix on August 19.

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Created by Sergio G. Sánchez (marrow bone) and directed by him with Kike Maíllo (EVA), the show was filmed almost entirely in Asturias. It’s a region of northwestern Spain known for features such as a beautiful coastline and medieval architecture.

“The scene of the bus accident in Netflix The girl in the Mirror is brilliantly filmed and edited, and horrifying,” a viewer noted on Twitter.

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Spanish language content is generally among the top performers in the world on Netflix, with other releases this year like Wrong side of the tracks quickly skyrocket in Netflix’s top charts after release. I also expect to see The girl in the mirror appear on the streamer’s list of the most-watched non-English shows worldwide when this weekly chart is next released.

Look for these next set of charts from Netflix on August 30, following today’s batch.

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