The Black Mirror movie is coming to Netflix

The trailer for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch finally puts an end to the whirlwind of theories surrounding this black mirror mystery project – except for the question of whether this movie will actually be a choose-your-own adventure story, as previously reported. Yesterday reports emerged that approximately 312 minutes, or five hours, of footage had been shot for Bandersnatchthough the film itself was 90 minutes long, suggesting the film would be a choose-your-own movie.

This would be in keeping with the trippy atmosphere of the trailer as well as the Bandersnatch subtitle of the movie title. “Bandersnatch” is the name of a video game listed in the Season 3 episode “Playtest”, and it was also the title of an actual video game developed by Imagine Software in 1984 that was never released. public. The word itself comes from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland, one of the most important stories about the blur between fantasy and reality. Meanwhile, the film, about a young producer who is sent into madness while working on adapting a bizarre fantasy novel into a video game, fits all of those elements perfectly.

Although the trailer does not confirm if Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a choose-your-own adventure movie, it seems to hint at more than meets the eye: the trailer calls the episode an “event,” tells viewers to “change their minds,” and to “change your life”, and ends with a character declaring via voiceover, “Your fate has been dictated.”

Here is the official synopsis of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch:

In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a sprawling fantasy novel into a video game and soon faces a mind-bending challenge. Happy to see you again.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch premieres on Netflix on December 28, 2018.