The ‘correct’ number of towels adults should own sparks heated debate online

Photographer Abdul Dremali accidentally opened a huge box of worms on social media after a disagreement with his girlfriend over how many towels they should have in the house

How many towels do you have?

Towels – not exactly fascinating things, are they?

You take them out of the toss, use them to dry off, wash, dry and repeat. The most exciting thing about towels is that you can now get some pretty funky patterned ones to liven up your bathing experience.

But that’s not exactly something to discuss, is it?


A massive debate has started on social media after the photographer Abdul Dremali asked what “normal” amount of towels the average adult should own.

It all started after a conversation with his girlfriend revealed that they had very different ideas about how much inventory we should all have stored in the closet.

The towel debate rages on


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What do you think is the right amount of towels? Let us know in the comments…

He tweeted, “Hello adult friends. My friend and I have a question…what is the right amount of towels to own?

“I said 10 and she looked at me like I was crazy.

“We have no frame of reference for the appropriate amount of towels in a two-person household.”

Before long, it was inundated with responses as people shared their idea of ​​’normal’, with wildly varying numbers suggested.

One person wrote: “10-15 for two people is appropriate. You could never have too many towels. I believe I have 12 for two people and would like to have more. I cannot stress this enough. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY TOWELS. Follower of the towels then…

Another said, “Two. One for you and one for her. Hmm, we’re going to have to disagree with that one actually. What happens when you put them in the wash but need a shower? !

If you only have two towels, there’s going to be a problem…


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Another went to the other extreme and wrote: “OK so I counted 30 towels for my two person dog free household (not including hand towels, wash cloths or bath mats). Closets full Not excessive. Mkay…

Someone else wrote, “The correct answer is what your girlfriend wants…but I support your answer.”

The question caused a lot of arguments and left many people wondering what is actually normal, while others were just intrigued by the whole discussion and how pissed off people seemed about it.

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Someone said: “My roommate uses a new one every time he showers and thinks it’s normal. Can anyone confirm?”

Someone else said he was “fascinated” and “horrified” by the different amounts of towels people seem to own and use.

Another pretty much ended the conversation by saying, “You all need to hang out more.”

Well, that’s what the towel lovers said…

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