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Following in the footsteps of Feria: The Darkest Light, Diablero and Always a Witch, The Girl in the Mirror is the latest Spanish-language supernatural drama to be released on Netflix. And with its themes of stolen identities, reincarnation and unreliable memories, not to mention a tally of double-crossings that could nearly rival Game of Thrones, the story of an amnesiac survivor of a tempting bus crash. to reconstruct his past life is undoubtedly the most head-scratch.

Thankfully, we’re here to clear up any confusion and explain how the drama ended, because we’re very helpful that way.

The ending of The Girl in the Mirror explained

Did Martin and Bruno have their happy ending?

Among all the mythical demon summons and sinister body swapping, The Girl in the Mirror also found time to serve up the kind of sweet LGBTQ+ romance you’d expect to see on Heartstopper. But before connecting with the man of his dreams, Martin had to endure quite a trauma.

His budding relationship met another stumbling block when Bruno was nearly killed by his possessed grandfather, prompting Martin to seek safety with his sister Diana. Understandably disappointed to have been abandoned when needed, Bruno called things off during a heated encounter in their hideout. Yet, thanks to Diana’s persuasion, Martin finally worked up the courage to return to Bruno’s mountainside retreat and for a second it seemed like there would at least be a happy ending.

Unfortunately, it looks like Diana served a death sentence for her brother. As stated in the book of prophecies their father inherited, the Chosen One (AKA Martin) will become inhabited by the demon Therion once he is sent by a family member to a place where the five “shadows” and their animal spirit sculptures came together. And as a traitor, Bruno’s left eye suddenly turns black and four other possessed souls circle around him, rousing Therion from his age-old slumber in the process.

The outlook for Martin (and the couple we’ll call Maruno) looks bleak.

Did Alma come back from the dead?

In the penultimate episode, Tom learns that Alma, a survivor of a bus accident, is not Alma at all, but his jealous best friend Deva. And the only way he can force the Jess Glynne lookalike out and return his true love is to push “Alma” to the brink of death.

Although he intends to do so on a seaside getaway, Tom gets cold feet and allows “Alma” to live another day. Shortly after, Deva’s abusive stepfather essentially does the work for him when he ambushes “Alma” in his treehouse and begins to choke him. Just as her physical form is about to take its last breath, Alma’s true spirit reenters it as Deva summons the energy to push the strangler out the window to her death.

Deva and Alma’s late sister Lara – who died of a brain tumor before the bus crash – then heads for the afterlife, but not before the latter assures her mother that she will always be there. its ratings. Having finally had the chance to inhabit her own body again, Alma then briefly reunites with Tom, with the pair agreeing to part ways and relying on serendipity to reunite them in the future.

Alma later visits the Fairy Godmother Aurora, who tells her that she has been waiting for such an encounter for centuries.

How did Deva rectify the situation?

Telma and Deva in The Girl in the Mirror.

Deva was the villain of the piece for much of the series, but eventually tried to make amends for her body-swapping antics – and manages to cut the sympathetic figure altogether.

Having failed to convince her grieving mother, Lucia, that she roams the Earth again as Alma, Deva texts her disturbing video evidence that at least explains why she was so troubled. In the clip, the teenager plays the guitar in her room before being interrupted by her stepfather, who imposes himself on Deva.

Seeing the footage, a devastated, knife-wielding Lucia fights with her partner. While the sounds of her screams play over images of bloodied polar bears feasting on their prey, it’s implied that she didn’t make it out alive. But we do know that he wanders off to exact revenge on the girl who sent the message, an encounter that leads to her dramatic death. The fact that Alma is later seen fondly reminiscing about Deva suggests that all is now forgiven.

What happened to the others?

The now possessed student Roque manages to defeat the henchman sent by Martin’s father and alongside his sister, the mysterious Nico and a former patient in a coma – all of whom have literally become a shadow of them- same – head to the mountain retreat to help summon Therion.

Is The Girl in the Mirror season 2 confirmed?

After leaving things on a cliffhanger, fans of the show are certainly hoping for another episode. We still have to find out if Martin can defy his apparent fate, what plans Aurora has for Alma, and what carnage the mythical beast will create.

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