This smart mirror will have all the answers, and so will your music

If you’ve ever listened to music while getting ready for work, you might appreciate ICON.AI’s new SOUND MIRROR, which was announced this week at CES 2022 where it won an innovation award.

As the name suggests, SOUND MIRROR is both a full-size bathroom mirror and a smart speaker, or as ICON.AI calls it, an “acoustic mirror”. Available in a circle or a horseshoe, it resembles a traditional large mirror, apart from what appears to be a speaker grille that takes up the lower quarter of the mirror face.

While most installations will position this grille at the base, SOUND MIRROR can be installed with it in a vertical configuration.

SOUND MIRROR is designed to be hands-free. You connect it to your home WiFi and use Alexa Voice services to request music from your favorite streaming services (assuming you have a subscription), access podcasts, check the news, weather, or set alarms. You can also use it to control other smart devices in your home. It might be time to install a pair of smart lights on either side of the bathroom mirror.

The mirror is also Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to stream music directly from your phone to the device.

You don’t have to worry about all those tricky circuits in your damp, damp bathroom. SOUND MIRROR is IPX6 rated, making it virtually waterproof.

ICON.AI isn’t the first company to merge mirrors with AI. A few years ago at CES 2018, Kohler showed off a line of smart bathroom products that included its Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. It lets you use Alexa to control mirror lights and other smart devices around the house. ICON.AI may have missed an opportunity, not including the lights in its own mirror.

SOUND MIRROR, which comes in four different finishes (gold, chrome, matte black and matte white), follows the growing trend of technology resembling or fitting into home furnishings (See gallery OLEDs that look like pictures, televisions hanging from shelves, and chairs with built-in chargers or speakers). The idea is that technology can blend into the background. The voice-activated smart mirror can also be hung in your living room, den, or in a hotel or restaurant.

As for sound quality, ICON.AI promises “high-quality punchy sound,” but offers no details on drivers, tweeters, or subwoofers.

The SOUND MIRROR is one of many cool innovations to come out of the annual CES tech show, with plenty of other original products unveiled before or during the event, and we’ll bring you all the cool gadgets you need to know.