This time a UK Halloween special beat ‘Black Mirror’ at its own game

Moreover, articles on different platforms had set the stage for weeks advance: mentioning that this would be the scariest episode of the series, that it was going to air from the abandoned, haunted Granada Studios (it wasn’t played there), and finally, that its chilling plot would revolve around Pemberton finding a cell phone next to a graveyard and deciding to follow its owner for chilling results.

Are you still afraid? Well, yeah, it’s not that scary. Alright, very light spoilers now (and that’s all you get, got it?). Remember we mentioned it was a live show? The point is that the plot mentioned above isn’t really — it’s the bait.

Now, let’s be very, very clear: even if you were to be like “Okay, Talbert, Dionysian bastard, I’m going to watch it immediately”, we should still warn you that no, don’t watch it just yet, because there are a few episodes to watch previously — first, because they are cooling, sinisterand impressiveand second, because, well, trust us, wink wink.

Indeed, watching some episodes before “Dead Line,” especially Season 1’s “A Quiet Night In,” is really important if you want to turn off the lights and get that sweet tingle up your spine. We’ll just go with this: the episode is so confident black mirror-ing black mirror, that he even allows himself to throw in his one and only occasional reference to this show. Almost as if he knew his intersection of gloom and technology had given the genre’s Big Kahuna a run for his money. So yeah, go check out the show; Season 7 just came out this year! (Ugh, oh, sorry, Series seven).

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