Thumb Cup candidate James Wall

“Let’s connect Parc Pouce Coupe to the village by a real cycle and/or pedestrian path.

James Wall has a handful of important reasons for running for the board of Pouce Coupe.

“I run for many different reasons. There is a real disconnect between the inhabitants of the village and the town hall. People avoid the village office. I would like to be friendlier as a municipality – and do more at council level,” he says.

“Some of these current advisers either don’t know or admit they don’t know why they’re voting for what they’re voting for. Councilors have a duty to do what is best for the community they serve – not to fight on the council,” he says.

“I don’t think personal feelings should be involved at the board table.”

By election day, Wall expects it to be simple.

“Going door to door and knocking.”

Wall says the safety of the freeway through the village, as well as a lack of community events are one reason Wall lets his name stand.

“Why can’t we have community events when the village has a facility or two like the community hall and more. A dance. A movie, a barbecue, a potluck. Karaoke night. Why not?”

Wall says the same for Sports Leagues for Thumb Coupians.

“Let’s connect Parc Pouce Coupe to the village by a real cycle and/or pedestrian path. There are many things we could do that wouldn’t cost much. »

Wall says he’d like to revisit some ideas at no cost to the village.

“I would like to consider the possibility of a grant for the expansion of the fire station. Why not apply for free money when it is a grant? I would like to see more law enforcement – if there is an increase in crime.

Wall would like to explore a partnership with BC Transit and the Town of Dawson Creek to explore the possibility of having a bus loop to Pouce a few times a day.

“That may be something to consider for families without a vehicle, or the inability to insure two.”

Wall says it’s important to build relationships.

“Let’s keep the relationships established with our neighbors and keep them collaborative, consistent and positive.”

“There is reason to argue that volunteer firefighters will stop volunteering, if the board continues to make it an item on the agenda of every board meeting, and fails to stand up for members when candidates for the council accuse them of drinking, or more. It’s insulting to these volunteers, the whole village and all the inhabitants.

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