Transformers’ Twisted Mirror Universe Returns in Shattered Glass II

Prepare to return to the dark reflection of the Transformers universe as IDW Publishing announces the upcoming launch of Transformers: Shattered Glass II, the sequel to last year’s original series set in the mirror reality universe. Hasbro fan-favorite alternative.

Shattered Glass II will bring together the creative team of writer Danny Lore, artists Daniel Khanna and Guido Guidi, and colorist John-Paul Bove, as well as incoming artist Marcelo Matere.

“When we finished the first series, I was thrilled with the fan reaction to our version of Broken glasssays writer Danny Lore. “It was a world full of passionate revolutionaries, terrifying warlords and a lot of big things exploding. A chance to revisit Broken glassgiving you even more of it all, it really feels like coming home – a very explosive house with lots of very tall people, but home nonetheless!”

“It’s so exciting to bring even more Broken glass characters to life,” adds editor Riley Farmer. “We always want to give fans what they want, and when we can give them a great comic book series and provide a backstory for amazing toys through our partnership with Hasbro… well, what could be better ?”


In a world where the righteous icons you once knew are monstrously evil, Optimus Prime is a ruthless tyrant and Megatron is a compassionate peacekeeper. Cybertron stands on the brink of war as the Autobots and Decepticons race to take control of a Titan juggernaut whose raw power could decide the ultimate victor. However, while it seems everyone is focused on the Titan, the powerful Shadow Broker Ultra Magnus puts a sinister plan into action!


Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1 will go on sale in August and will be available with the three covers above by Marcelo Matere, Red Powell and Nick Brokenshire respectively.