‘Traumatized’ Channing Tatum Says He Can’t Watch Marvel Movies Anymore

Channing Tatum was excited about the prospect of playing Gambit in the Marvel franchise before the movie came to fruition

Channing Tatum wanted to play the role of Gambit

Channing Tatum has had an incredible career over the past few years, but he admits he’s “traumatized” by his failure to land a certain Marvel role.

The hunky 41-year-old actor has taken Hollywood by storm with his roles in hit films such as Foxcatcher, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike XXL.

But one stance that left him in shock was missing appearing as an X-Men Gambit character.

The star was reportedly set to star in a movie in 2014 with the character supposedly getting her own solo movie.

But production never materialized and now Channing has claimed it left him “so traumatised” he couldn’t watch any other films in the franchise.

Channing Tatum was hoping for a Marvel movie role for Gambit

Speaking to Variety, he revealed that he and his producing partner Reed Carolin had been in development on the film for four years and asked him about making the film at 20th Century Studios.

He said, “The studio really didn’t want us to direct it. They wanted everyone but us, basically, because we never achieved anything.”

He went on to admit that he would have luckily forgot to direct the film if it meant he could still play the role because he simply liked the script.

Sadly, after Disney’s merger with Fox in 2019, the film was scrapped and Channing confessed he was “traumatized” at not getting it on the big screen.

He complained: “Once Gambit left, I was so traumatized.

“I turned off my Marvel machine. I couldn’t see any of the movies. I loved that character. It was so sad. It was like losing a friend because I was so ready to play him. “

Channing admitted he was eager to portray the character’s “cool” factor, describing it as “flamboyant”.

He continued, “He was just the coolest person. He could do anything. Most superheroes, their outfits are utilitarian.

The actor hopes the role will be available one day


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“Batman has his belt. Gambit is like, ‘No, that s*** is just gonna fly, bro! That s*** walked the runway in Paris last year.’ He just wears such dope stuff because he loves fashion.”

However, the Hollywood star later admitted that he hadn’t completely shut the door on playing the character in the future.

He revealed he would always “love” to play the role of Gambit, but admitted he doesn’t think his team should direct him.

Reed agreed, saying, “I would like them to reconsider because it’s a really good project. Maybe one day.”

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