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Russia says war will end if Ukraine accepts its demands

The Kremlin said on Friday that the conflict in Ukraine would end when the West took action on Russia’s repeatedly expressed concerns over the killing of civilians in eastern Ukraine and NATO expansion. .

to the east.

Asked by reporters how the crisis might end, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov outlined Russia’s position and said he believed Ukraine was discussing Moscow’s demands with states. United and other allies.

“Russia has made concrete demands to Ukraine to resolve these issues.

“As far as we understand, these demands are discussed by the Ukrainians with their advisors, mainly the United States and European Union countries,” he said.

“Let’s hope. It has to be done. Then everything will end,” Peskov said.

Russian officials do not use the word “invasion” and say Western media did not report on what they call a “genocide” of Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine.

The West has repeatedly dismissed these concerns.

President Vladimir Putin said the “special military operation” in Ukraine was essential to ensuring Russia’s security.

Ukraine says it is fighting for its existence while the United States and its European and Asian allies have condemned the Russian invasion. China called for calm.