Will Netflix’s New ‘Black Mirror’ Movie Let You Choose the Ending?

netflix finally dropped the trailer for a black mirror movie called Bandersnatchconfirming weeks of leaks and rumors regarding the Fionn Whitehead-featured film coming to the streaming service tomorrow, Friday, December 28. But the new black mirror lets you choose your own ending in the show’s dystopian sci-fi universe?

That may be the case, as reported by the two Squire and Consequence of sound, although no open, viewer-focused final options have been confirmed by Netflix. Still, the film, which is set in the ’80s and casts Whitehead as a forward-thinking video game developer, seems oddly intriguing. Watch the new Bandersnatch trailer below:

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Viewers are clamoring for a fifth season of the British anthology TV series first caught wind of the film earlier this month, when a new black mirror the title appeared on Netflix. However, the program appeared to be a 90-minute movie instead of an hour-long episode, which further piqued the interest of fans who dreamed of more future stories.

And while the streaming service apparently held its cards close to its chest, Netflix finally confirmed the rumors today. But it leaves it mysterious if viewers will have a choice in the matter in the final moments of Bandersnatch. (Looks like we’ll find out tomorrow if the “choose your own adventure” aspect is actually true!)

What do you think of the new trailer for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? Do you hope the new movie lets you choose your own ending on Netflix? Speak out in the comments section and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming feature.

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