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A terrified young woman wakes up in the dark woods. Crows caw, bamboo wind chimes crackle eerily, spooky choral voices sing and whisper.

So begins Gorshire, a film by 12th graders Ylva Grundvig and Lucia Schevers.

Appropriately shot on Quadra, where beautiful spooky woods abound, the 10-minute film tells the story of a woman who is cursed by a haunted forest and then rescued by a group of witches.

The period costumes are gorgeous, the lighting and coloring are impressive, and the sound effects are equally appropriate.

Grundvig, who ran the camera, said she had been interested in filmmaking since she was a child.

“I’ve always made little shorts,” she says. “I had a little GoPro camera when I was younger.”

She is in her last year of high school and is taking a video production course. Her teacher challenged her to do something a little more advanced, and she accepted the challenge.

Grundvig and Schevers started brainstorming for ideas.

“We were interested in wizarding things in general,” she said. “And we thought that would be a cool concept that no one who had taken the course had done before.”

Their favorite haunts on Quadra Island were the obvious choices for locations.

The forest scenes were filmed in the woods at the community center because they go there so often, Grundvig said. Other scenes were shot on her parents’ property, and the last one – which has a wonderful drone shot of the witches on top of a hill – was shot at a neighbor’s house.

During filming, a curious bear came across the set.

“It was a bit scary, but we saw it in the distance and backed off,” Grundvig said.

The response to the film was great, which encouraged the girls to collaborate on more films in the future.

Like the drone shot to end Gorshire, the sky is the limit for these talented young filmmakers.

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